Terms & Condition


Drjobs aims to create a secure Freelance platform that guarantees employers their rights and helps,freelancers find projects they implement and helps employers find professional freelancers who carry out their various businesses.

To achieve this, we kindly ask users to adhere to and understand the following conditions well. If you do,not agree to any of the following conditions, we hope that you will not use a separate site and not create an account with it. By using a separate site, you represent your full acceptance of these terms.

The information provided by the user is correct

The user guarantees that all the information that he adds in his account in Drjob Freelance is completely,correct, and the user bears full responsibility for any wrong information he adds.

Do not create more than one account

The user is obligated not to create more than one account in Freelancer Drjobs, and if he encounters a,problem in his first account, he must follow up with the Drjob Freelance team to solve the problem.

Use of more than one Drjob Freelance account

The user registered in Drjob Freelance undertakes that he is the only one who uses the account and is,responsible for everything done through his account, and it is not currently allowed for more than one person to use one account in Freelancer Drjobs.

User age is over 18 years' old


Request documents before registering Freelancer Drjobs

Drjob Freelance site may require personal documents such as an identity or passport to prove the user's,identity before being allowed to complete the use of the site.

Stop the account and request documents for it

Drjob Freelance commercial site, Drjob Freelance team, may suspend the account of any user who is,suspected or in violation of the conditions, and the site has the right to request personal documents from the user proving his identity to reactivate the account, as well as documents, may be requested to verify his ownership of the PayPal account or credit card.

Violating the conditions and preventing the account from dealing

Drjob Freelance site has the right to block accounts that violate the site's terms or those that cause,damage to the site or its users permanently and without returning or alerting the user.

Username and profile

The username must be a meaningful name and not just symbols or numbers, and it is forbidden to use any,names that incite hatred, violence, or the use of any of the trademarks as the user's name. Currently, it is not allowed to use company names as a user name, and the user is obligated to write his real name in his personal file, note that this name is not adjustable.

Personal Image: The user is obligated to put his true personal picture and not to place a picture of,another person within his account or promotional images ... The personal profile must express the user, his skills, and his competence in a brief way, it is not allowed to add external means of communication or promotional phrases to other projects within the profile.

Drjob Freelance commission

The commission is deducted from the Freelancer and not from the project owner, the Drjob Freelance does,not have the right to ask the project owner to pay Drjob Freelance commission, the Drjob Freelance must submit his final offer immediately after taking into account a Drjob Freelance commission that will be deducted from the amount that he put in the offer.

Refund of money charged via Freelance DrJobs Site

The balance is returned by the project owner opening a technical support ticket requesting that his money,be returned.

The return process is subject to several conditions, including:

The terms of the payment method are (PayPal and credit cards). If the payment method, for example, does,not provide an option to return the amount, we cannot do it Freelancer Drjobs, and in general, the balances will be available to respond if there is a possibility for this within 177 days from the date of shipment with a limit Maximum.

If the payment method provides the return within a specified period, we are bound by that period.

Therefore, we ask you dear, be sure, by reading the terms of the payment method that you use before,payment and then follow up with the support team in Drjob Freelance process that is exclusively returned to the payment method that was used as we are in the process of Refund for the amounts to be recovered.

Working with content

Drjob Freelance site has the right, without being obligated to, to delete or hide offers or projects that,violate the terms of the site or those that cause harm to the site or its users and without returning to the user.

Copyright and intellectual property

By default, unless otherwise agreed by the start of the project, the owner of the project owns all,intellectual property and copyright rights for the projects that he received through Freelancer Drjobs. The Drjob Freelance person does not have the right to impose additional rights on the project after starting or implementing it.

Countries and regions not dealt with

Drjob Freelance services are not available in European Union countries, nor for companies or individuals,residing in the following countries: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Crimea Region of Ukraine, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Suspending accounts

  • The user used a payment method stolen or not owned by him.

  • The use of the account by more than one person, whether they are a team or a company, where only one,person is allowed to use the account Drjob Freelance and work on projects in it.

  • The user (Freelancer Drjobs) plays the role of the mediator in the projects, so that he receives a,project as a Drjob Freelance and then hires another person to work on it outside or inside a Drjob Freelance platform (in this case the mediator is prohibited and obligated to pay any amounts due and do any work according to the estimate of technical support).

  • The user tries to defraud the Freelancer by requesting full work on messages before hiring him.

  • The user caused any harm to any other user or Drjob Freelance site.

  • The Drjob Freelance party avoids paying the platform commission via external payment, and the ban is,final.

  • Insist on communicating outside the Freelance Drjobs platform without necessity.

  • Failure to pursue the work Drjob Freelance after starting it without a substantive reason and causing a,waste of time to the project owner.

  • The Drjob Freelance publication publishing a work not prepared by him in the exhibition of his works.

  • The user impersonates another person on the site.

  • Uploading a profile picture of the account is not the same as the account owner, including the use of,public personal photos.

  • Sale of the account. Upon discovering the process of selling any account, it is suspended immediately,with its balance, and no party can benefit from it.

  • The Drjob Freelance creation of more than one account and their use for any reason.

  • Doing fake projects or spamming.

  • Use Google Adwords to advertise Drjob Freelance business or any other site content.

Interactions between users and preserving rights

  • Drjob Freelance site that guarantees the rights of both parties if they adhere to the conditions and if,the agreement between them is completely clear from the beginning.

  • Your sharing of any personal, bank or other personal data with the users is at your personal risk, and,this does not relate to any payment operations you make on the platform as it is 100% secure and is not a data sharing